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In order to clarify exactly what you do to Match Bet I will demonstrate a walkthrough example of Matched Betting. Please feel free to join in and earn some cash,I have set up links for you to do so.

In our real example we will be using the bookmaker William Hill and to lay bet (bet against) we will be using Betfair.

  • Step 1 – Open an account with William Hill and deposit £25
  • Step 2 – Open an account with Betfair and deposit
  • Step 3 – Change odd’s format to decimal
  • Step 4 – Find qualifying bet
  • Step 5 – Make qualifying bet
  • Step 6 – Free bet

Steps Explained

Step 1 – Open an account with William Hill here. Make sure you use this link to be eligible for your “New customer £25 free bet”.
Once we have followed the link click “Join Now” and enter your details. *IMPORTANT* make sure you enter the code F25 in the Promotional Code box and deposit £25. (Don’t worry if you change your mind about completing this, you can just withdraw your £25)


Step 2 – We will now need a bookmaker to lay our qualifying bet with. Open an account with Betfair here. Once the form is filled in and account opened we need to deposit enough to lay our bet, in my example I needed £35.27.

Step 3 – Change the odd’s format on both sites to decimal which makes it easier to calculate our bets

William Hill – click on “Sports” and then in the “Price Format” box choose decimal.


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10 copy

Betfair – At the top click on the “Sportsbook” tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page, here you will find “view odds as” and choose decimal. Once chosen decimal return to the top of the page and return to the “Exchange” page.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10 copy 2

Step 4 – Qualifying Bet. We need to make a £25 qualifying bet in order to receive our free £25 bet. We want our back odds (William Hill) and our lay odds (Betfair) to be as close as possible to ensure the loss is as small as possible. IMPORTANT – Our back odds (William Hill) must be at least 1.2. We use free software to search for a qualifying bet Click here.
We want odds over 1.2 but not too high (the higher the odds the more money we need in Betfair). We also want a close match to ensure our qualifying bet loss is low (sometimes you might even find a qualifying bet that actually is profitable). Please do not worry about the small loss as we will make a large profit with our free bet.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10

I have chosen the Portugal vs Bulgaria football game (football games are the easiest as the odds are most stable). Odds for Portugal are 1.38 with William Hill and 1.36 with Betfair, this is a close match. Underneath the lay odds it shows £83.22 which is the amount currently in Betfair and make sure this amount is higher than the lay liability that you will see in the next step.

qb calStep 5 – Now click on “Go” in the calculate column. Change lay commission to 5% (Betfair rate), ensure “back stake” is at £25 and in the middle choose “Qualifying Bet” and hit “recalculate”. The “lay Stake” box shows the amount we need to lay the bet off in Betfair, in this example it is £25.56 (the liability is £9.71 so will need to make sure I have £25.56 + £9.71 in my Betfair account). On this bet I will lose £0.71 but as you will see in the next steps I make £21.11 with my free bet so this small loss is fine.




Now I got into William Hill and put my £25 back bet on Portugal winning.

wh bet

Next I go to Betfair and lay the bet with £25.56 (always the pink box on the right)

betfair lay bet

Step 6 – Once the bet has settled you will receive a free £25 bet from William Hill within 24 hours. Now its time to make some money!
Repeat step 4 however we want our back odds to be higher (between 4 and 7) as this will increase our profit. In my example I found a football game between Slovenia and Macedonia, (back odds 7 and lay 6.8 for Macedonia)

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 11calc fb

Now calculate again, lay commission 5% but this time choose “Free bet, stake not returned”. My liability in Betfair is £128.89 and will need£22.22 also to lay it, £151.11 in Betfair in total, (if I did not have enough in Betfair I would choose a bet with lower odds). My profit on this free bet is £21.11. Now place the £25 free bet in William Hill on Macedonia and lay the bet on Macedonia £22.22 in Betfair.
Success! once bet is settled I have made –

Free bet profit £21.11

less qualifying bet £0.71


£20.40 profit with less than an hour of my time put in and from the comfort of my own home!
Feel free to have a go yourself or if your still feeling a bit unsure make sure you go to Profit Accumulator were you will find walkthrough video’s to help remove any worries


8 thoughts on “Walkthrough Bet

  1. Alfred James

    Hi! really great article for those persons who love sports and also want to make money with this passion. Recently I saw a website that make this kind of bets, but then I don’t have a real and objective review about this activity, so in your experience, do you think that a persona can really earn big quantities of money here?
    It’s a question I have since very long. Thanks

    1. Louise Post author

      Hi James, yes Matched Betting is a fantastic way to combine sport hobbies with making money! The truth is Matched Betting will not turn you into a millionaire but it is VERY EASY to make a nice top-up income. If you already have a job (10 hours a month generates approximately £200-£300) or if you want to work full time from home Matched Betting can generate up to £2000 a month. The best thing about Matched Betting is you can start earning straight away!

      Best Wishes


  2. Kevin

    This website sounds very interesting. I happen to be a betting man myself and would really enjoy looking into something like this. Can you only bet on football games? I would be more interested if you could bet on other sports games. Also, does the website work with American dollars as well? Thanks for the information.

    1. admin

      Hi Kevin, You can bet on any sport, Football, Horse Racing, Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, Baseball, Darts, Golf, basically any popular sport. Unfortunately Betfair does not have an American site but some use a proxy server to get around this.

      Best Wishes


  3. RuthM

    How funny that I came across this. Just last week a friend of mine was telling me about matched betting, but it confused me, and to be honest, I forgot about it.

    So its’ great that I came across this. I need to absorb it and re-read this article a few times I think.

    Is this something that you can do forever, or do you only get one chance with each agent? I’m definitely interested in giving it a go.

    1. Louise Post author

      Thanks Ruth!

      I would deffinitely recommend reading over the Walkthrough Bet a few times before attempting it. If you still have any problems head over to one of the Top Matched Betting Sites for a free trial and watch the video tutorials. Once you get the hang of it you will find it really easy!

      Every bookmaker has an initial sign up promotion but then there are constant “Reload” offers (e.g. bet £20 on a football match and receive a free £20 bet on this match). You never run out of offers to keep you busy and earning lots of tax free income!

      Best Wishes



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