Matched Betting Report

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Bookmakers offer many free bet promotions as incentives to attract customers; matched betting makes use of these by betting on all outcomes (e.g. in a football game you bet for Team A to win and then, with another bookmaker “lay” this by betting on Team A not to win). This bet would be the qualifying bet, no money is made from this, but then you receive a free bet from the bookmaker.  At that point you then follow the same process again but you are using a free bet and therefore make a profit. You are not gambling and there is no risk involved.

Matched betting can seem rather daunting and complicated which is why I would recommend using one of the websites such as Profit Accumulator to take you through every bet step by step.  They include software to calculate exactly what amount you bet and lay to ensure you do not make a mistake. These sites charge either a monthly fee or have a set up cost, but I would recommend using one, as mistakes could be very costly without their support.

My Experience

When a friend told me about matched betting, I laughed and presumed it must be a scam; however my friend persisted and I decided to give it a try. I chose a site that offered an abundance of help with step by step video tutorials and allowed you to try out two offers for free before you sign up. I made about £30 from these two offers and signed up after. Over the following two months, I completed all the initial sign-up offers, allocating five hours per week on these and earned around £1500! keyboard-690066Since then I have been completing the reload offers.  There are many to choose from everyday.  I spend around 10-15 hours per month on these and make £200-500 every month, a rather nice income top-up! I only choose the easiest most straight forward offers, but if you have more time to put in you could easily earn a lot more.

My Verdict

Matched betting is no scam and is easy money; currency-1018220_1920however, you must take time to read through offers to avoid mistakes.  If you have an inclination towards gambling I
would NOT recommend it. Matched betting will not make you millions, but it will easily make up to £1500-2000 every month and is tax free. Many ask why the bookmaker’s allow it to happen, the answer is they are not happy about it and constantly trying to eradicate it.  I’m sure one day they will succeed, so make the most of the easy money whilst it’s available! The site I started out with and still use today was Profit Accumulator.


Generally risk free (make sure you take the time to read all terms and conditions)

Fast (start making profit within a couple of days)

Tax free (the profit is classed as winnings)

Work as little as you want and when you want.

Low capital start up


If you like to gamble then DO NOT DO THIS

Need some capital to start

Advanced matched betting can get complicated.

Does Matched Betting work? Yes and if you would like further help I have a page british-pound-symbol-1237952with a walkthrough example of a typical Matched Bet offer to explain it further.  My team and I have scrutinised the Matched Betting sites so you don’t have to and can find the best site for you. Results of the top sites are on my Top Sites page and we have detailed reports on each of these sites. Happy money making!