Matched Betting Does It Work?

If you are reading this you have likely come across the concept question-mark-1236555of Matched Betting some where online and are currently feeling a bit unsure about it. I will be tackling the area of Matched Betting does it work in this page to help you understand whether Matched Betting works and if it is right for you.

For a full understanding about what Matched Betting is click here, but a brief overview is that Matched Betting is a system using free bets offered by bookmakers and betting on all possible outcomes so that a profit is guaranteed without any risk involved.

If like me, before you came upon the idea of Matched Betting you tried out countless supposed ways to make money online which wasted you time or worse still your money, then congratulations you have finally hit on something that actually works!!!

What You Can Earn

currency-1018220_1920Matched Betting will not turn you into a millionaire but you can easily earn up to £1500 of tax free income every month from the comfort of your own home. Anyone (over 18) can do it, parents, students, job seekers, retired, anyone! You can do as much or as little as want and when you want. I am a working mum who spends an hour or two on a couple of evenings a week (10 hours on average a month) and earns approximately £200 tax free every month (£1400 a year) which is a very nice income top up. What you get out of Matched Betting will depend on the amount of time you have free to put in.

No Gambling

poker-chip noIf like myself, the idea of using bookmakers was an alien concept and quite frankly rather scary,
then please relax YOU ARE NOT GAMBLING, you will be betting on all outcomes (no risk) and earning a profit from free bets awarded. You do not need any prior experience with bookmakers or need to be a mathematician, there is odds-matching software and bet calculators to use to find the right bets and tell you how much to put on them, all you do need to do is follow instructions.

Try It For Freecoffee-973903_1920

I have compiled an example walkthrough Matched Bet that you can try out here completely free for you to see if it works yourself. The best Matched Betting sites also offer free trials with video instructions for you to try it out, try Profit Accumulator or Pure Profit. I started out by trying the Profit Accumulator free trial and once completed and having earned £30 for free I instantly took out a years membership, over the next couple of months I earned over £1000 creating a great deal of increased financial security for my family. Matched Betting worked for me and can work for you!


14 thoughts on “Matched Betting Does It Work?

  1. Matt's Mom

    I really had no clue what matched betting was until I came across your site. I read both the articles to try and get a feel for it. It’s something I will share with a few people I know who like to gamble online. This seems like a better way to go, less risk. I felt you really covered the topic well and definitely showed me how matched betting is beneficial. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Vic

    Hi Louise,
    What an interesting finding on how to earn extra £1000 every month! Seriously, this is the first time I heard about Match Betting, I would love to review your recommendation further and give it a try, if it cost me nothing.
    Btw, how are we cashing out our earning soon? I’m not from UK, so, can it be done via Paypal or straight into my bank account?
    Kindly advise soon.
    Thanks for sharing this with us!


    1. Louise Post author

      Hi Vic

      We cash out by simply withdrawing our earnings from the bookmakers. They transfer out through the same method you first transferred funds in (usually bank debit card). Hope this helps

  3. Derek

    Very interesting stuff here.

    I don’t think I have ever heard of this until now. IT is quite interesting though due to the “not gambling” side of it since the risk is quite minimal.

    Thanks for the read.

  4. Jeff

    Cool interesting website, I never heard of this before today. Oddly you must be one of the few with information on this website, thank you for sharing it sounds awesome to try.

  5. James W D

    This seems really intriguing. I am always on the look out for new ways to make money and spend time. I particularly like when I can just spend time to make money versus money to make money. Am I right in reading this that the only cost would be for the program after the free trial period is over?

    1. Louise Post author

      Hi James. Yes to receive a free trial you do not give any payment details over. The free trial gives you access to training videos and two free offers to complete with help. If you find you like Matched Betting then you can join up using the money you made for free and earn a LOT MORE!

  6. Brandy

    This is really interesting. I have heard of match betting before, but wasn’t really clear on how it worked. I read through another post of your previously to get a better understanding.

    This sounds like an interesting way to make extra money. I think it can be a dangerous avenue to travel down if you are into gambling, however I am not. I may give this a try for some extra spending money. I am bookmarking your page for further reference. Thank you so much for this wonderful information!

    1. Louise Post author

      Thanks for your feedback. I agree that if you are inclined to gambling, then Matched Betting is not advisable. If though you have no inclination towards gambling then Matched Betting is a fantastic earning opportunity and I wish you every success!

  7. Frank

    I’ve always been a little bit sceptical about this ways to earn money the easy way. However it seems that this Matched Bettings may work. I’ll try it for free. As soon as I have a conclusion I will let other people know about this. The best way to prove if a product or a service really works, is the opportunity to try it first without paying a dime.
    Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Louise Post author

      Hi Frank,

      Thank you for your feedback and please do get back to me after you have tried Matched Betting. I understand completely why people feel sceptical about opportunities that sound to good to be true….. most are! When I first came across Matched Betting I did not think it would work but decided it was worth a shot. I could not believe the results and the earnings I have made. To this day, Matched Betting is still the only opportunity I have found that has brought me real results 🙂


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