Is Profit Accumulator A Scam

Profit Accumulator claims we can make tax-free easy money. This sounds too good to be true, so lets look into the question is Profit Accumulator a scam or is it a genuine money making opportunity?

Profit Accumulator promises to help you earn money from Matched Betting (find out what Matched Betting is here). They claim all earning are tax-free and this is true as earnings from Matched Betting, are classed for tax purposes as winnings, therefore we get to keep everything we make and it does not affect your income from other paid work or benefits.
A quick company check proves to that Profit Accumulator is a genuine established business, profit accumulators directorwith assets that are worth over a million, net worth almost half a million and a real business address. We can now see it is a real, legitimate company which is doing very well. If a company is in any way trying to scam, then a common warning sign will be that there is a lack of any personal input from the director, they will try to remain hidden to avoid any comeback. This is not the case with Profit Accumulator, the company director Sam Stoffel happily presents himself very openly on the Profit Accumulator website in images and training videos.

free trialProfit Accumulator allows you to try it for free without giving any payment information. They offer a free trial which includes two free offers where you can earn up to £45. If you like this you then have the choice to join up, but if in the first 30 days after joining you change your mind you can get your money back. A scam will not offer money back once you have paid.

There are currently over 10, 000 members who are part of Profit Accumulator, and the community is constantly expanding. These numbers speak for themselves, 10, 000 people have already taken this journey and found it works.

Profit Accumulator's Members Testimonials






Approximately a year ago I tried out the Profit Accumulator free trial and earned £35. I used part of this by re-investing into becoming a Profit Accumulator member. This was a wise decision as it has yielded a massive return as you can see from my earnings table.

Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb TOTAL
Hours Worked 40 30 35 20 40 40 45 20 14 25 6 16  
Earnings £ £844.67 £561.29 £417.80 £361.55 £738.99 £673.18 £880.47 £425.41 £267.13 £472.60 £132.64 £301.88 £6,077.61

Is Profit Accumulator a scam? NO it is legitimate with fantastic potential for anyone to earn. If you are ready to take this journey then click here to visit the Profit Accumulator site and get started on your free trial.


Profit Accumulator no scam

9 thoughts on “Is Profit Accumulator A Scam

  1. Jeff

    Thank you for the very informative review on the profit accumulator, something very tempting for me to consider in the near future. I do appreciate you doing all the work for others on this venture, I am sure many people will join through your good review.

  2. ian

    Hi, This does sound to good to be true and after reading your review I will give it a try with the free trial, It seems a good way to make a few hundred pounds extra per month.
    Is the system complicated or is it relatively simple to use and understand?

    1. Louise Post author

      With the help of Profit Accumulator the system is very easy to use. They guide you through every step and as the process is basically the same every time, it soon becomes second nature completing offers and earning a nice tax free income!

  3. Greg Cross

    Wow, very nice to hear that there are good companies out there. You have really got my interest up, as it is great to see someone who is actually earning from their online experience. I will definitely check it out myself. Thanks for the info, keep up the great work!!

  4. Dan

    Great review and it sounds like a great product. Anything with a free trial has to be worth a go and a money back guarantee strongly suggests they’re confident their product will work for people.
    I’ll definitely look into this.


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