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Make money fast and easy

earn money online fast and easyAfter trying (and failing) to make money fast and easy in so many different ways and discovering a ridiculous number of scams, I had basically given up! It happened by chance that a friend mentioned Matched Betting. In truth I was extremely skeptical, if you can earn risk and tax free money easily then wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Continue reading

Matched Betting…..The Lowdown

Matched Betting everything you need to know

Matched Betting

Bookmakers offer many free bet promotions as incentives to attract customers, matched betting makes use of these by betting on all outcomes (e.g. in a football game you bet for Team A to win and then “lay” this by betting on Team A not to win). This bet would be the qualifying bet, no money is made from this but then you receive a free bet from the bookmaker you then follow the same process again but you are using a free bet and therefore make a profit. You are not gambling and there is no risk involved. Continue reading