About Me

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Hey Everyone, I am Louise and have been Matched Betting (Lay Back Betting, Double Betting) for the past twelve months.

The reason I have created this site is to share my experience of Matched Betting and give others, who wish to take the same journey, a heads up about how Matched Betting works. After researching whether Matched Betting is a scam, and finding that it is actually legitimate.  I will guide you to the best Matched Betting site to use.

My Journey

I am a working mum of two beautiful little people from the UK. I was looking for a way to boost the family income whilst staying at home to work, when I came across Matched Betting. I had been selling online on eBay with mediocre success since my first child had arrived, and with the forthcoming arrival of my second child I needed something a little less time and space consuming (my spare room was now needed for a nursery, but was currently being used as my stock room!).

A friend told me about Matched Betting (Lay back betting or double betting, it has a few names) but for me, alarm bells rang! Is it gambling? Is matched betting a scam? Does matched betting work?. I decided to give Matched Betting a shot and chose a site, Profit Accumulator, which offered an abundance of help with step-by-step video tutorials and allowed me to try out two offers for free before I signed up.

In the twelve months since I began Matched Betting, I have on average dedicated 10 hours per week, and come out with £8000 tax-free earnings! Matched betting is not a scam, nor is it gambling (actually I dislike gambling so I am quite happy to earn money off the bookmakers).


I am now able to work part time choosing my own hours (generally after the kid’s bedtime!), stay at home and easily make a good income. If I had more time, I would earn a much higher income (full time earnings from matched betting are usually around £1500-£2000 per month and tax free). Matched betting does it work? Well, the answer is yes, and I want to help people like you find the freedom and success it gave me! Since I began Matched Betting (lay and back betting) I have introduced my partner to it (you might notice my picture is from Rome, a trip completely paid for by my partner from his Matched Betting earnings!), my mum (retired and enjoying her matched betting earnings boost) and many friends.

Moving Forwards

Since I began Matched Betting I have researched and tried out many sites and put together a list of the best Matched Betting sites for you. On these sites you WILL succeed. If you have tried or are going to try matched betting or you have any questions feel free to comment on this page. I love feedback in any form. I hope you find this site useful and share in my success!

Best Wishes