What is Profit Accumulator

Today I am going to look at what is Profit Accumulator and does it work?  I will answer both of these questions and leave you with a clear understanding of what Profit Accumulator is so you can decide whether it is right for you!

What is Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator claim they can help you earn unto £2000 per month which is completely tax and risk free.  They provide a website service for anyone in the UK to earn money through Matched Betting. The concept of matched betting may sound a little scary, it certainly did to me when I first came upon it, however rest assured matched betting is not gambling, in fact it is risk free and earnings are all tax free. For a full explanation on Matched Betting click here. In short, Matched Betting allows us to utilise free bet promotions offered by bookmakers to earn a profit.

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Stages involved to withdraw your earnings from matched betting

At this point you may be wondering, why do I need Profit Accumulator if I can just make money from Matched Betting?. The answer is you don’t, but (there always seems to be a but), Matched Betting can be complicated and very time consuming, Profit Accumulator provides all the tools and resources you need to make the process easy and hassle free. They check all the details and terms of a bookmaker offer, provide a step by step guide to follow on every bet (not to mention many video tutorials), simple software to calculate the bets (you don’t need to be a mathematician) and support if you have queries.

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Risk Free Profit

How can something that involves making bets with bookmakers be risk free? Yes you are placing bets but there is no gambling or chance involved. You are betting on all outcomes of an event.

The only risk with Matched Betting is human error, however Profit Accumulator provides everything you need to make the process simple and prevent errors.  There are easy step by step instructions this practically eliminates this (in over a year with them I have never made an error). If somehow you did make a mistake they have a dedicated support team and forum to help correct any problem.

No Gambling With Matched Betting

beat the bookiesDo not worry, with Matched Betting you are NOT GAMBLING.  This is the most common area that people are concerned with.  I understand this caution, it was the part I was worried about before I got started.  We place bets using mathematical equation and therefore there is no chance involved.  Don’t worry you do not need to be a mathematician to do this as Profit Accumulator have software that does all the hard work for you.

In Matched Betting you bet on all the possible outcomes of an event, an example would be in a football match, Team A is playing against Team B.  We bet on (back bet) on Team A to win, we place another bet on Team A not to win (lay bet).  It does not matter whether Team A wins or looses.

How Do We Make Money With Matched Betting?

If we are betting on all outcomes, then how do we make money?  We earn money with Matched Betting by taking advantage of bookmaker offers.

The most common type of offer from bookmakers that we use to make money is “Bet X amount and receive free bet”.  To take advantage of this offer we would place a qualifying bet using the process above.  Once this bet has settle we will receive a free bet.  With the free bet we follow the same process again, however this time we are not using our own money and therefore make a profit regardless of whether the free bet wins or looses.  Yes it is that easy and it is risk free!

Why Don’t Bookmakers Block Matched Betting?

bookmaker promotions for matched bettingBookmakers tolerate Matched Betting because to completely stop Matched Betting from happening they would have to stop all their promotions.  These promotions encourage people to sign up and continue gambling.  If bookmakers stopped the promotions then less people would gamble and bookmakers do not want that to happen, they want to continue taking people’s money.  The amount bookmakers loose to matched betters is not enough to make them end there promotions.

Bookmakers do however monitor gambling patterns and if they realise you are Matched Betting then they will block you from receiving promotions, however Profit Accumulator shows you tactics that prevent Bookmakers from detecting you.  If you like the idea of beating the bookies then carry on reading!


Profit Accumulator checks all the bookmakers offers and lists dozens of new offers daily to ensure you never run out of money making possibilities. As with all things in life you get out what you put in, there is the opportunity to turn Matched Betting into a full time income (£1000-2000 a month) or just take part in what offers you can, a few hours per month can easily yield a few hundred pounds of tax free extra income (which is what I do).

A fantastic point about earning with Profit Accumulator, is that completing the offers and making money fit around your life. You can work the number of hours you choose and with most offers you can work when you choose. This means if you have a job in the day, you can earn in the evening or weekend, if you are a student you could complete offers between lectures or if you are a stay at home parent with school age children, you could work whilst they are at school. Basically any time that is convenient for you and take breaks when you choose!

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Earn up to £45 with the free trial

Profit Accumulator offers three levels of membership –

1. Free Trial (instant access to two free offers and no card required)

2. Platinum Monthly (£22.99) (100+ offers plus daily reload offers, full support and access to member community forum)

3. Platinum Yearly (£150) (100+ offers plus daily reload offers, full support and access to member community forum)

Money Making Offers

At Profit Accumulator they have over a hundred initial sign up offers.  When you have finally completed all those initial sign up money making offers it does not end there.  Every day the “Reload Offers” section is full of yet more money making potential.  You never run short on earning potential whether you a full-time Matched Better or a part-time (I certainly never have).
Profit Accumulator is not a “Here today, gone tomorrow” service. A quick company check shows it is a well established company with a real address. The company director, Sam Stoffel, started out by using Matched Betting to pay his way through university, he then went on to create the site to share with the masses. Sam’s presence is visible throughout the site and the Profit Accumulator community, which at the time I am writing this stands at over 10,000 strong, a few testimonials from the community are shown below.

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Members stories

Tax Free Income

In the UK all winnings and profit from betting is classed as tax free, this includes Matched Betting earnings.

The only exemption to this rule is when Matched Betting is your sole source of income then it would technically become taxable.  If you did want to make Matched Betting your full time occupation, you could always do a couple of online paid surveys and suddenly it is no longer your sole income.

Matched Betting earnings being tax free is a massive bonus for many of us.  It means a lot less hassle, it does not affect any benefits you may receive and best of all, you get to keep all your profit!

Low Capital Start Up

Unlike with most work at home ventures you do not need to put loads of money in to see any returns.  You only need enough to complete the bet you are doing.  As soon as bet is settled you can withdraw your capital back out (often bet will take place and be settled the same day you place it).  Your money is not locked away if you require it.

Do I Need Profit Accumulator for Matched Betting?

You can make money with Matched Betting without a service such as Profit Accumulator, however I do advise caution if you are considering this. The first and most important point is that you are using real money and any mistake could cost you dearly. The experts at Profit Accumulator thoroughly check every offer and scrutinise the terms and conditions so that you don’t have to and do not miss any important information.

At Profit Accumulator, every offer comes with step by step instructions and often video tutorials to make it ridiculously easy, if you did somehow make an error they have a dedicated support team to help you put it right. At Profit Accumulator there is software that searches and finds matches for every bet you put on, (doing this manually is very time consuming and frustrating), there is also software to calculate exactly how much you need to put on your back and lay bet (complicated to do manually). Profit Accumulator is a fantastic learning platform, if you do get to a point that you are a Matched Betting expert and no longer require Profit Accumulator’s aid, then you can cancel your membership and part ways, but to start out it is the perfect learning opportunity.

The free trial at Profit Accumulator allows you to try the service completely free and without giving any payment information. They trial includes two free offers with the potential to earn up to £45. Once you complete the free trial you then have the opportunity to upgrade to full membership, but if in the first 30 days after joining you change your mind, Profit Accumulator offer a full money back guarantee providing you have not earned any money.

Profit Accumulator does work, it worked for me and can for you!  Anyone can make money with Profit Accumulator, students, full time workers, jobseekers, stay at home mums, anyone!  Try it out today with a free trial option to start out and earn £45 with no strings attached click here.

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Make money fast and easy

earn money online fast and easyAfter trying (and failing) to make money fast and easy in so many different ways and discovering a ridiculous number of scams, I had basically given up! It happened by chance that a friend mentioned Matched Betting. In truth I was extremely skeptical, if you can earn risk and tax free money easily then wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Continue reading

Matched Betting…..The Lowdown

Matched Betting everything you need to know

Matched Betting

Bookmakers offer many free bet promotions as incentives to attract customers, matched betting makes use of these by betting on all outcomes (e.g. in a football game you bet for Team A to win and then “lay” this by betting on Team A not to win). This bet would be the qualifying bet, no money is made from this but then you receive a free bet from the bookmaker you then follow the same process again but you are using a free bet and therefore make a profit. You are not gambling and there is no risk involved. Continue reading